Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Impulse Pies

Sometimes my typing and my thinking get a bit offline from one another.  It makes for interesting typos.

Yesterday's was "Impulse Pies."  And you know, a fair amount of the pies in my life are purchased on an impulse.  (Pies I bake, though... that's careful consideration.)

Still, the phrase stuck with me long after I was done giggling at myself.

So while doing the weekly grocery shopping, I glanced at the day-old bakery items... and look!  An impulse pie!

I snatched it up, paid for my groceries, and delivered the pie to a friend who needed a little treat.  I considered a ding dong ditch maneuver, but it's really hot out, and she spotted me at the window... we chatted for a minute, then we both went back to our days.

May all your typos be sweet!

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