Friday, July 3, 2015


I got lost today. 

I missed a turnoff because I didn't see the sign, and my phone couldn't find my location to holler at me that I'd left my chosen path.

I did not realize I was lost until I ran out of highway, twenty-four miles from where I needed to be.

There wasn't a great place to stop, but I was in the middle of somewhat nowhere... with half my sense of direction, I came up with a new path, started driving again and called my lunch date.

Then traffic had me at a standstill. When we finally got moving, I turned at the wrong exit. And went the wrong way.

Stuck at a red light, I took the time to restart my phone, so I could know both where I currently was and where I was going. 

Amazingly, the journey made more sense. No more detours, I was at my destination within minutes.

(I let my compatriot drive us to lunch.)