Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When Help Is Offered

Food Network has an article up with 'hacks' to get through your Thanksgiving responsibilities.

One of the hints is "Corkscrew as Guest Deflector"- now, what they mean by this is having a few tasks already in mind for when guests ask "How can I help?"

But deflector? Ouch. I will admit that sometimes I *do* need people to get out of my kitchen. And I usually just say, "OK, I'm about to do something complicated and I will need my concentration." Sometimes they stay to cheer me on, and sometimes they scoot and give me a moment. (Especially if I start cursing. If I were to curse. Obviously, no one ever curses on Thanksgiving Day. Unless their beloved Packers are playing and having certain difficulties...)

What's on your list for when people want to help?
Do you have tasks in mind for when you're hosting events over the holidays?

When life isn't going well, and well-meaning folks want to share some burden of yours?
How about in the day by day interactions of a life? 


  1. We have a small kitchen in a small house, not condusive at all to the spirit of "everyone congregates in the kitchen." I am the prime ceremonial family cook and am often a tad stressed as I attempt to multi-task and accomplish the next to impossible task of getting all the food ready near the same time and on the tale while it s still hot. Every scarce in of stove top, counters, and table is filled with fixings, bowls, and serving platters. There is hardly room to turn around--or even to open the oven door to baste the bird. Then my plus sized family descends on me. They can please set the table--which includes hauling folding tables in from the garage and up from the basement and rearranging front room furniture to accommodate the hoards and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY KITCHEN! No apologies given or expected. Then we can all sit down to a great meal and traditional American dysfunctional family time together. This is a time honored tradition followed closely by the annual Festival of Dad Cussing on the Porch as I attempt to saw the bottom off of the Christmas tree and somehow get it to fin in and stand up straight in the tree stand.

  2. For what it's worth, I send the family to the zoo every Thanksgiving morning, so I have a few hours of quiet before everyone arrives. :)