Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shaggy-headed Descendants

When children are little, you get ready for the school year with a certain to-do list. Clothes, shoes, backpack, haircuts, school supplies...

On Monday my sons will start high school. Chances are, they'll be out the door before I'm awake--the cute 'First Day of School' photo hasn't happened in a while now.

Over the summer we hit the thrift stores--they picked out their own clothes, the most boring t-shirts and polos they could find, khaki shorts... a uniform of their own choosing. I was just there as the ride and the keeper of the credit card.

Dad took them for shoes, a no-big-whoop event.

They chose their own courses and pathways--one applied to a tough program as if it were no big deal. Huh.

At the Back to School Bash, they orbited the tables of endless clubs and activities, considering options my fourteen-year old self had never heard of. Their fees this year include a $25 insurance payment for district-issued laptops.

They've decided it is not yet time for haircuts. I know better than to make that a battle, and hey, one less errand.

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