Friday, August 1, 2014

Slowly, slowly

Yum, dried apple rings.

My parents put these up last fall. My father spent hours at the apple slicer, cutting countless spirals of fruit. My mother sat nearby, carefully arranging the slices on sheets for the dehydrator or the oven. There the fruit sat at low-heat for twelve to twenty hours for the proper drying, then the trays were set out to cool off before portioning these treats into jars.

My son and I are having a hard time not racing through the whole jar.

See, a quart jar might hold the equivalent of ten or twelve fresh apples, reduced to tart chewy treats.

It's an abundance of deliciousness. And a lot of fiber.

Pacing ourselves is not necessarily a valued trait in this culture--it is far more common to rush and grab and devour and move on to the next thing.  But we can stand to learn a little restraint.

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