Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fascinating rabbit holes

One of the blessings of my work is that I am always learning something new--often really interesting stuff.
But so often I get drawn in more deeply than I should.
Fascinating the rabbit hole might be, but it gets nothing off my to-do list.

So, sorry blog, but my new strategy is to send myself links to write about on my own time.  Like 10:38 PM as I sprawl here across my couch.

Today's rabbit hole--I was searching through Library of Congress online and came across pages and pages of photos from WWII-era childcare arrangements as women joined the war efforts by working outside the home.

Just looking through the pictures, it was obvious that the government was throwing together solutions, and many of the arrangements looked rather like barracks. Playgrounds and classrooms were more than a little cobbled together.

In my comfortable 21st century world, I wonder you families did with this-so many changes and anxieties with war, and now the (stereotypically) caretaker of the nuclear family is called away? How very disorienting for these children! And their mothers, dealing with all the stress of going back to work (if she ever DID work outside the home), quite possibly to a job beyond her imaginings, skill set, and gender expectation.

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