Friday, February 21, 2014

"Make it work, people!"

I have a job.
And a house.
And a dog.

The dog is generally fine in the house while I am at work. As far as I can tell, she naps all day long.

But not so much when roofers start their chaos on the house just six feet from ours. Noise AND a clear view? The dog was losing her mind.

She alternated between barking at anyone she saw and shaking.
Yes, shaking. So very pitiful.

She pled with me to do something to make it all better.

Fine. I took her to the office. On a Friday, which in my line of work is "If it's going to be ready for Sunday, it needs to happen NOW" day.

It turns out that I need to be at several places in the building to get ready for Sunday.
And my dear sweet normally calm dog decided to have separation anxiety.

So I had a companion on my every trip to the copier and the supply closet and the bulletin board. In between she would nap or sniff out every aroma or demand petting.

Eventually she figured out that she could snuggle up between my office chair and bookcase. A safe place to make sure she could get plenty of beauty sleep AND miss nothing.

I'd say it was not unlike having a toddler underfoot, but my own toddlers were considerably louder and more destructive.

We managed to get eight hours of work in and got home just as the roofers were leaving.

And now she's catching up on the napping couch time she missed.

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