Thursday, March 12, 2015

Horses, Zebras, and the Likelihood of Trampling

We headed to the pediatrician this morning.

When I called for an appointment, I was asked if we'd traveled outside the country recently. (No.)
There was a sign at reception stating that they needed to know if we'd gone to one of a few African nations. (No.)
Ah-hah. Ebola questions.

They did not ask if my son had received a flu shot (yes) or been exposed to anyone with the flu (not that we know of, but geez, the high school is big.)

Pediatric Ebola deaths in Texas this year? 0.
Pediatric flu deaths in Texas this season? 12.

Image provided by Walgreens and the Department of State Health Services -


  1. Yeah. This is a rant I have repeatedly. No one seems to listen.

  2. Of course, we ended up in the hospital with a completely unlikely combination of things.

    Beware the ravaging unicorns.