Sunday, March 29, 2015

Peach Yogurt

Antibiotics, like most of life, have unforeseen consequences. While it kills off an infection, the antibiotic is also attacking the 'good' flora a body needs. This is especially true when using broad-spectrum antibiotics.

While waiting on lab cultures*, my son's treatment plan involved three different broad-spectrum antibiotics. As soon as he was allowed to eat, I asked the nurse if we could get some yogurt.

She asked his preferred flavor and put in an order for peach yogurt. Even though it was 10 AM, peach yogurt appeared. The nurse explained that when a meal order card came up, I could write in a request for yogurt with each meal.

As it turned out, there was never a need--the cafeteria sent two peach yogurts with each meal.

Six yogurts a day. For seven days. Requesting a different flavor did not take.

Forty-two peach yogurts.

We've been home most of a week and there are still a few yogurts left. We'll see if he ever requests a peach yogurt again.

*Invasive Group A Strep in the bloodstream, in this case. Yes, antibiotics were very necessary and we were glad when they could get a more directed plan of treatment.

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