Friday, March 13, 2015


Tomorrow is the Pi day of the century*, so tonight I must evangelize.

I wholeheartedly encourage every last one of you to eat at least one piece of pie tomorrow.

What is a pie, you ask?  Well, I believe in the inherent worth of all pie, and in each defining the label as they see fit. 

Be they sweet, or be they savory
Have they two crusts, one crust, or no crust at all!
Might they be baked or cooked, or even raw!

From a pan, casserole, or baking sheet- round, square, free-form.
May they fit in one person's hand, or feed a multitude

Note: This quick concept map does not begin to mention the many fine hand pies found in nearly every culture. Empanadas, pasties, samosas, tiropita...oh the drools...

I understand that some of you will find in my beliefs certain heresies.
A cobbler or a casserole? You consider those to be something else entirely. Delicious, but not pies.

But I believe that pie should be denied to no person, no matter if they have celiac disease or gave up sugar for Lent or are simply fussy. Maybe they just want some creme brulee.

I will not say no to them.
I will be too busy eating pie.

Tomorrow's pie plan:

Breakfast: Peach cobbler and a crustless quiche (smoked salmon and cream cheese)
Lunch: Little Caesars bacon-wrapped pizza
Supper: Strawberry-rhubarb pie and a corned beef shepherd's pie
And remember all--3/14 is Einstein's birthday. He expanded our understandings of the universe. Surely we can expand our understandings of pie?

*3/14/15 (esp. around 9:26:53) reflects the first ten digits of pi.

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