Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pictures from the Journey

It's been a rough and somewhat surreal week, after a medical emergency put my son in the ICU.

Here are a few random pics from the past few days.

It was Pi Day. I had grand plans.
Settled for a piece of strawberry rhubarb and the  Little Caesar's bacon wrapped pizza.

Yes, we will take a do-over to observe this important holiday once everyone is on the mend.

These trees in the Medical Center have netting along the bottoms of the canopy. Holding in the leaves, and maybe keeping the birds from too much nesting? This is what I noticed while the paramedics were slow getting my son out of the back of the ambulance as his blood pressure had dropped. It was also the last time I would go outside for about two days.

Our time in the ICU was too much for many pictures, especially since no cell phones were allowed. The Progressive Care Unit (PCU - a step-down from the ICU) had the same restriction, but I had a little more time to notice what was around me. Here's a Get Well 'quilt' made from sticky notes.

And this is an actual quilt created by various patients, nurses, doctors, and techs of the PCU. It's a varied quilt...

The teardrop in the middle of this picture is not a design on that building- it's a ladybug inside the window, up on the seventh floor. We hung out together for a couple of days.

Now we're in a 'regular' room, and I am just so impressed by all the little touches the whole hospital does to try to make patient and family lives a little brighter (in addition to providing some of the best medical care in the world.) The woman who tidies rooms and changes linens? She makes towels into animal shapes. I stopped in my tracks and had to smile when I saw this elephant.

Yes, he's on the mend. No, I'm not posting pictures of him in this ordeal, unless he decides he would like me to do that.

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