Monday, October 13, 2014

Cold Fronts

I'm not sure of the veracity, but I've heard that Houston is the air conditioning capital of the world.

For the most part I do not use my oven while the AC unit is on--no need to make the poor thing work harder, and I much prefer months where the monthly electric bill is under $300.

So when the first few cold fronts come, I am excited and eager to roast and to bake. 

Today the front came through while I was in the grocery store stocking up.

Twelve hours later--

One pot roast w/ onions and carrots
Tray of roasted parsnips and red potatoes, a smaller tray of roasted mushrooms
Baked rigatoni dish with a mushroom bolognese and plenty of melty cheese
Roasted butternut squash (mashed and made into....)
Butternut cornbread muffins (like this but less sugar)

And on the stove top I made a big pot of pinto beans, while the grill was enlisted for corn, okra, and two kinds of sausages.

I'll be gone most of the week, but rest assured--the family will be well-fed.

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