Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There Are Worse Places to Wait

I will admit--I kind of like hanging out in airports. 

Get through security, figure out where your gate is, and just have some time to explore. I walk the concourse, consider what treat I might get for the plane, maybe grab a citrus-laden beverage for fighting off germs*, and look at art.

More and more, airports seem to have intriguing displays of art--paintings, sculpture, you name it. Today's find was in a mezzanine between the two halves of Terminal A at Houston's Intercontinental Airport (IAH)- some whimsical, some geometric and precise, some sweet.

And yes, I should find time to just GO to art museums. But in the meantime, airport.

*Some hold that the addition of alcohol to citrus aids in germ prevention. Your mileage may vary, and please follow local laws and customs.

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