Thursday, October 9, 2014

When Systems Aren't Gratifying

I am the eldest of three. We were forever bickering and our parents would often tell us we needed to work it out ourselves--they were not getting involved.

OOOOoo, I hated that. I wanted one of my parents to walk in, say that I was the righteous party, and thoroughly put my sisters in their place.

On Monday when the Supreme Court declined to hear the marriage equality appeals before them, I will admit-- I went back to my childhood indignation. I might have stomped my feet on my way to throw myself across my bed. HMPH!!!

In the past few days I've read a fair amount of the legal reasoning and I intellectually get while they chose not to hear cases right now.

From a systems standpoint, things are going exactly as they are supposed to. Mom and Dad shouldn't HAVE to get involved in every little bicker, unless they see something in some way damaging.

But I'm also horrendously impatient...and I live in Texas. There's been a move to expedite our appeals hearings to next month. I'm glad for motion, but our district judges are not the most amenable. And yes, in the back of my mind, is the phrase "Loving v. Virginia"--which state will be on the case taught in history books a generation from now?

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