Thursday, October 23, 2014

Putting Things Off Until You Can't

Stephen Covey (and many many others) uses a quadrant system for productivity. On one axis is
importance, and on the other, urgency.

The urgent stuff has a way of taking our lives, whether or not it's actually important. Sometimes we never get to that yellow quadrant because we're putting out fires in 1 and 3.

This year I've been taking a webinar-based class, with case study homeworks for each session. It's useful material, and yet I had a hard time getting to the homework amidst the other pieces of life.

So now we're two weeks out from the deadline for turning in all coursework, and I've got about a third of the work left to do. This is a great improvement over a week ago, when I had two-thirds of the work left to do*.

And yet I know I'll need to find some time to just turn off everything else and concentrate on the homework. After another major work event... and this Project Runway finale.

*Quite honestly, I couldn't fess up to this issue until after I talked with others in the class AND I made some headway.

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