Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Illusion Of Control

Preparations for my annual professional conference this week included special errands this morning.  See, the 3-1-1 liquids rule is our reality now, though no one is especially concerned that my 4-ounce moisturizer is going to do much more than moisturize my skin. I spent six bucks on a smaller bottle of a similar moisturizer, so I could avoid the $50 fee to check my luggage.

Tiny bottles in a clear bag, slipping off shoes, restricted access--there are any number of hoops we're asked to jump through at the airport these days. Few of them have any real bearing on our safety, but it sure looks like someone is vigilant...

Many of us (I'll include myself here) are hunting for a way to control our anxiety and our fear. We convince ourselves (mostly) that if we plan aggressively for every worst case scenario, surely nothing bad can happen! And if something bad still happens? Well, we just didn't plan well enough, and we'd better put some more restrictions into place, until we're all paralyzed.

What personal TSA rules have you made for yourself?

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