Thursday, December 11, 2014

Coincidences As Reminders

We are all connected and have so very much in common. 

Some days this is more obvious than others.

Today I found myself in a checkout line when the guy in front of me explained that he had to get two of each toy because he has four-year old twins. The cashier laughed knowingly and shared that she has twenty-year old twins. And then I chimed in, telling him of my teens. We both assured him that parenting twins gets easier once they're in first grade, and that he would get through it.

After that I went to lunch at my favorite Indian place--and the guy at the next table was wearing a Green Bay Packers t-shirt. I greeted him with "Go Packers!" and sat down. When he started talking to the older woman across from him, I realized that they were not only from my home state of Wisconsin, but from my part of the state even. He sounded like my Uncle Matt, and the woman sounded a lot like one of my great aunts.

All this on my writing day, when I would usually stick to the hermitage.

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