Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My dear friend and colleague Andrea Lerner gave an end-of-year challenge-
Select unfinished project/craft
Complete by 12/31
Post smiling ‪#‎FinishingTheYear‬ Pic
Revel in your accomplishment!

I have any number of "Get Around To It" projects that could qualify. 

The one chosen? The major pruning of my rose bushes.

I hate to cut back roses while they're blooming, yet in Houston, they never truly go dormant. So for several years I've taken tiny swipes at a few unruly canes, leaving me with leggy and too-tall plants. Here's one.

Today, though, I went forth bravely and chopped the bushes back to about a foot tall. Woof.

I conscripted my sons to bundle up the leavings, and we put a few of the blooms in the house for a New Year's Eve gathering.

I know the roses will grow back better than ever, and this also let us get rid of some volunteer trees growing around the base. Now to wait for Spring...

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