Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making Warmth

In real life I assure you, I am not much into crafting. But from time to time I get struck with the need to make something. Sometimes I even get through all the steps of considering the project, buying supplies, and DOING the thing.                                                                                                          Twenty-five or thirty years ago my grandmother took a quilting workshop and learned to make a quillow--a quilt that folds up into a pillow shape. My parents received a lovely brown and green quillow and it served them well for years. A few years ago Mom let me take it home with us, and we've enjoyed it... and then one of my sons put his foot through the aged fibers.  Oops. 

I have made exactly 0.56 quilts in my life--piecing makes me grumpy, and binding thwarted me completely. So making a true quillow was probably not going to happen.

But what about something fleecy? No need for batting, and it would feel so nice and soft... time for a trip to the craft store.

It was a mostly straightforward project, but there were a few wrinkles. Literally in some cases. I may have used colorful language once or thrice.

And now it is assembled, the two layers stitched tight, plus the pillow pocket doubling as a warm nest for feet. Winter, do your best.

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