Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hanukkah Experiment

It's Hanukkah!

Tonight I assigned one son to making the matzoh ball soup, the other to the latkes.

All went well and was coming together deliciously. And then secondborn called out, "Mom, I have an idea and I am asking permission."

Kudos to him for remembering to ask permission... turns out he wanted to wrap a matzoh ball in latke-goodness.

An intriguing concept, but not especially easy to put into action. The wet of the matzoh ball and the wet of the latke mixture are not necessarily going to stay together in the fryer, and potato strands tend to get brittle when they are cooked. Turnning the ball gradually at not letting it get too brittle caused some improvement, but as we went to pull it from the pan, it became a mound of hashbrowns with a matzoh ball soggily peeking out.

I only make latkes once a year, so this idea will need to stew for a good long time.

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