Friday, December 19, 2014

So Much Stuff

It is December 19th.
So far this month we've had two Sundays, a big potluck and decorating event, rather a few meetings and projects and deadlines.

Twelve days left in the year. One big concert, two Sunday services, and a Christmas Eve service.

So many things are not yet done. Some of them won't get done this year. 

And then there are all the things that just need to be put away. This is one corner of my office--you can barely make out the big paper cutter. It would be LOVELY to get that corner uncovered, its contents organized. And yet, it's just stuff.

There are naps to take, family to hug, cookies to bake, fun to be had, songs to sing, etc.

So first, I'm putting myself to bed for eight or ten hours. G'night.

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