Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Donning of Garb

Whoops. It's nearly midnight and I have very little brain at the moment. But here's a glimpse into my world.

I'm a Sunday School director, so Sunday is SHOWTIME. 

I tend to get to the church pretty early and make sure everything is ready, get the signs out, etc. While I'm going up and down and all over, I may wear an old pair of loafers--they've seen better days, but oh, they are comfortable.

About fifteen minutes before I expect the congregation to arrive, I take a couple of minutes to transition into nicer shoes, check my hair, and slip on my jacket/sweater/whatever. It's also a good time to remember to drink my coffee, to breathe, and to consider with love the people I serve and the good work we do together.

Of course, there have been days where I get distracted and spend the whole day in the loafers. Then I just hope no one's paying too much attention to my feet.

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