Friday, January 23, 2015

Boosting the Signal

Yesterday MetaFilter started an "AskMeFi"- an Ask Meta Filter--asking women to share examples of inappropriate and inaccurate comments/treatment they've gotten based on their gender.

I heard about it yesterday, but waited until I had the headspace to start reading. Because I knew it would be going into some ugly stuff. No, not instant death, but long-term toxic stuff.

It is amazing the things that one person will say to another. Things they feel to be completely justified in saying. And it is amazing how many of them deal with being "too much" something. Too smart. Too intense. Too serious. 

And then the words men are so rarely described as, but totally fair game for women--unhelpful, abrasive, etc.

I tried to find a couple of quotes to lift up here, to give you a quick summary, but no. Just read the article if you can.

There's a positive spot in all of this--a thread of folks (mostly male-identifying) saying thank you for the learning they're getting out of the AskMeFi.

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