Sunday, January 4, 2015

Truth In Advertising?

Whataburger is a popular chain around here--I'm sort of in love with their jalapeno cheddar biscuit. When my mother visits, I make sure she gets her favorite--the honey butter chicken biscuit. Yep, a biscuit with a piece of (boneless) fried chicken, topped with honey butter. 

A while back we found that our local HEB grocery store was carrying Whataburger's ketchup, spicy ketchup (OH YUM), and mustard. But today I came across the honey butter sauce!

Wait--it's not just butter and honey?  Oh, that would be too simple.
Let's look at the ingredients list- Soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup... um... The good news is that it does contain honey. But milk listed in the natural flavors is as close as we come to butter. Really, this is sweet mayonnaise.

I do understand that they need to make some adjustments for large scale production and to make it shelf stable. And I'm also certain that the product cost is far less than it would be if it were truly honey and butter. So it becomes "sauce."

In its April 2014 issue, Cook's Illustrated ran an article dispelling the myths of "fresh-squeezed" and "100% juice" mean in the orange juice industry. Oh my goodness, the tricks companies use to make my (formerly) beloved Tropicana Pure Premium taste so wonderful!
Since I read that article, I haven't bought orange juice for my home, only drinking it when I feel like going to the trouble of squeezing from fresh. (Translation- not often.)

Compromise is necessary, for groceries and for relationships and for all sorts of things. At one point do we compromise so much that we lose the essence of what we started with?

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