Friday, January 16, 2015

Staying Awake Until Austin Gets Here

Youth (and their beloved chaperones) are coming from around the district to spend the weekend at a rally, the local term for a lock-in. 

I am not hosting this year, just helping with a bit of the logistics. I can go home whenever I want.

But I'm holding out another fifteen mintues or so, because we're told the group from Austin will be here soon. Among them, my goddaughter, whom I haven't seen since November.

Connection is important.


  1. Katy wrote: " ... to spend the weekend at a rally, the local term for a lock-in."

    The term for regional weekend gatherings of UU youth in other parts of North America is "con" (short for conference).

    My understanding is that our region used the term "rally" because "con" and "conference" would be confusing. Since our UU district's official name was "Southwest UU Conference," using the "con" or "conference" label for youth event would be confusing.

    I attended my first district youth event in Fall 1999 and the "rally" term was in use many years before that time to refer to youth cons in the Southwest UU Conference.

  2. I grok. And I use "lock-in" for better clarity to my non-UU and non-YRUU readers. :)