Thursday, January 29, 2015


 Sourdough experiments happen a couple of times a week right now. I'm finding that the Dutch over method gives a great crust--you leave the lid on the pot for the first half hour for an internal steam system, then remove the lid and let the top crust brown over a final fifteen minutes.

Here's the thing, though. Sourdough has this elastic nature. And the (enameled) cast iron takes on a lot of heat in that 450-degree oven.

Today, despite an oiling of the pot, the bread stuck. Like it seemed to be welded in there.

A variety of utensils, one burned palm and a couple burned knuckles, I managed to free most of the loaf from the pot.

That bit left behind was deliciously crisp, and was slathered with butter or olive oil and devoured while we waited for the rest of the boule to cool.

And I just learned that one does not pronounce the e in boule. It sort of rhymes with pool, and it means ball in French.

So, lessons for the day--
  • Use more oil in the Dutch oven.  Seriously. Do not skimp.
  • Patience would mean less burning of self.
  • People may not even notice that there's a hole in the bottom of their bread, as long as it looks nice on the board.
  • And even if it doesn't look nice, it's still fresh homemade bread.
  • Boule--rhymes with pool.

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