Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creating Geodes*

I'm big on "things in things" - filled cookies, Jucy Lucys, and my favorite, baked Brie.

Part of it is the combination of textures, but I also just love that moment of surprise--going beyond expectations.

"Oh look. A brown bread thing." 

Then the moment of reveal--mmmm, delicious cheese and fillings!

Last night at the rally (also known as a "con" or a lock-in), our youth played a common getting-to-know-one-another game - Two Truths and a Lie. Basically, each person shares three things about themselves, and the rest of the group tries to identify which thing is not true.

Sometimes there's an obvious tell--the person giggles or looks away. Or maybe others in the group know the person well enough to say which two things were true. But often, there are surprises. The person who says they can play the piano, ate a bowl of crickets, and climbed K2? Well, they were lying about the piano.

Each of us includes so many surprises, just waiting to be discovered.

*Yes, I know. A geode is different, if we're talking geology. But I hope you get what I'm saying. And please, don't whack me with a hammer to see what's inside.


  1. Hmm, now I kind of want to sit with a group of friends, play two truths and a lie, and eat lots of bready-cheesy goodness....
    One of the things I always loved about that game was how much you can learn about someone -- even someone that you think you know pretty well :)

  2. We should have a google hangout for that very purpose...