Friday, April 24, 2015

A Double Whataburger Weekend

Yes, I've lived here long enough that Whataburger is my go-to fast food restaurant. Delicious, freshly made, and a little different from the norm.

Breakfast, I get the bacon egg and cheese on a jalapeno cheddar biscuit. As in, jalapenos and cheddar mixed right into that biscuit dough. Mmmm.

I do not eat burgers very often, and Whataburger is pretty much* the only fast food place where I'll get a burger these days- specifically, the junior (small) Monterrey Melt--melty cheeses, two small burger patties, onions, and peppers. So good.

With onion rings. Yesssss.

I stopped in for breakfast this morning, and already have a road trip plan for the burger on Sunday.

I solemnly swear I'll eat some fruit and veg at some point this weekend.

*If I am in an airport with a Burger King, I'll get a Whopper Jr. w/ cheese.

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