Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Spicy Soup Protocol

My throat hurts and my ears ache and my tonsils are probably huge.
(I'm too whiny and lazy to find a flashlight and look in the mirror.)

Given that it's allergy season and contractors made big holes in my house today, it's reasonable to start with the assumption that it is allergies. But just in case, I'm pushing fluids and started my Spicy Soup Protocol.

In my experience, almost any spicy soup will help--clears the congestion, is tasty even when I can't smell, and keeps my mind off things.

The must-haves are pho tai (all the condiments) and tortilla soup.
Seaweed-eggdrop soup works well if you put enough pepper oil in it.

What would go on your Spicy Soup rotation?

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