Monday, April 20, 2015

The Blank Screen

I did not update this blog last night.

It wasn't that our power was out (that was Friday.)

It wasn't that I couldn't get to my computer (it was next to me on the couch.)

I just couldn't think of a single thing worth writing. The screen was blank blank blank and what few ideas I had seemed insipid or ridiculous.

Ironic, considering that I've spent much of the past month talking to the eighth graders preparing to present their (short) credo statements to the congregation. In that setting I can be Miss Inspirational, full of affirmations and strategies. I tell the youth that everyone's theologies are forever in flux, and that we all have truths to share. I remind the youth that the congregation already adores them and really DOES want to hear what they're thinking. 

Sunday night, Miss Inspirational had checked out.

So I write this morning, and maybe again tonight. Life goes on.

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