Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I've got a number of events I'm planning for work, and I sent out evites to possible participants. RSVPs were scarcely trickling in. Rumor has it that the RSVP is dead, but this was worse than usual.

On Sunday I learned that almost no one had seen the messages.  No, they weren't just ignoring the invitations or postponing a decision--responsible souls had no idea I had sent anything. I'm guessing it was a widespread junk/spam folder issue.

So I spent part of today today reworking the invitations into email form and sending them on to the affected parties. The RSVPs may not be automatically tallied, but at least I am hearing back from people.

Sometimes the tools we think will simplify our lives don't really make it there. "Time savers" take extra time.  Inanimate apps can seem to thwart us. (And then we realize how ridiculous we sound, and do our best to fix things and get over ourselves. Probably with a little stomping and cussing.)

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