Friday, May 1, 2015

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

The whole "Cool Christian" vibe is new to me.

I grew up Catholic (and at one point could tell you the names of ALL the priestly garments) and now I'm Unitarian Universalist, at a church where the ministers dress business-style.

This week I watched The Orange Conference online. Or rather, I saw a few of the large group sessions, and a bunch of 'behind the scenes' interviews that were mostly commercials for new books, initiatives, and curricula.

The Orange culture is all about children and family ministry, and there is some good stuff in there even for this heathen. 

Among the learnings, I also saw a completely different dress code.
SO MANY plaid shirts. Or t-shirts with the ministry/product logo, bright and shiny. Lots of jeans. Even those wearing jackets mostly wore them with collarless shirts and no ties. 

Women seemed to be dressed up a little more, but in a hip and coordinated way. Many chunky necklaces.

And every single one of them seemed to be on Twitter and Instagram. I can definitely see the point in that.

But remaking the Rick Springfield classing "Jesse's Girl" into something about working with high school? That was painful.

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