Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Unlikely Tools of Ministry

Confiscated water balloon, 9:50 AM
The preschool lesson involved balloons today, so one of my sons inflated a dozen for that classroom.

Balloons are among the most attractive of my ministry tools. They can be bounced up and around. The ends fit on our fingertips. An untied balloon can be released to fly off crazily, or stretched to make all sorts of ridiculous noises. We use them for cooperation and bonding, for science and music and energy breaks.

The minute one class has balloons, ALL the classes want balloons. And they want to take them throughout the church. We work hard on appropriate behavior, but manners just can't compare with the joy of playing with a balloon. 

And if someone finds a water source, suddenly there's a water balloon. And then everyone needs their own--water balloons are more popular than two-bite brownies.

We needn't outlaw joy. Sometimes, though, we need a few boundaries to make sure we don't trip or soak bystanders.

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