Monday, May 25, 2015

Heads Above Water...

Rain coming down from the overhang
Here in Texas we've had rather a lot of rain this month.

And now we've had six inches this evening, with plenty of thunder and lightning and a few hailstorms to keep things interesting.
Water gushing over the
side of the gutter

Houston is a series of swamps, affectionately named bayous. They drain the city as they can.

Right now my street is its own bayou. The water is only halfway up my driveway and there's not much of a current, but there is still more than you would expect on a street.

A camera in the dark- it's a mystery
where it will focus.
Power's been out since the storms started, so I am writing on my phone. Picture captions and proper formatting will wait.

Power lost just as I scooped ice cream.
Alas, a candlelit treat

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