Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blog About Sex More Often, and Other Learnings

On February 21, 2014, I decided that I was going to blog every day. Not just do my usual daily writing, but actually HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON every single day. At the beginning, the goal was 100 days. Somehow I've made it to a year.

Some learnings along the way-

1) Not every day will be Pulitzer material. Or at least, not if I also want to keep my day job, sleep, chat with the people I love, and have some semblance of keeping up with Scandal and Mysteries of Laura. 
(Note to self- you are behind on Mysteries of Laura.)

     1a) Writing should reaaaally start before 11:15 PM. This is not always possible.These are the days where a quick photo reflection goes up.

1b) Drafting ahead is also a good idea, so there are always items in the pipeline. Again, this is not always possible.

2) Including the word "Sex" in a blog title means it will get A LOT more hits and it will continue for months. Even if you never share it on your usual networks. Yes, I still need to put up my #SexUUality post.

3) Labeling your posts is far easier to do daily than to retroactively flip through hundreds of posts looking for likely labels. Maybe if I were more nostalgic for my own words...

4) A "what's on your mind" strategy for a blog is a mixed blessing. On one hand, there are ALWAYS things on my mind. But a certain level of mental processing is needed before publishing--sometimes I have lost the momentum of a current event because I could not get through my rant stage in time to be topical. Or I've put something up while still a bit too ranty.

5) I am a Unitarian Universalist and a religious professional, but I do not generally aim my blog at Unitarian Universalists, or use my Church Lady voice. I definitely do not write these posts as the voice of the congregation I serve. This really cuts down on my acronym usage.

6) A daily blog helps you to see just what keeps coming up. What I'm processing, but also, what I'm baking. It's like I'm trending... on my own little blog.

7) HOLY COW, it's been a year! (Ok, that was a little bit of Church Lady voice, as COW isn't the word in my head.)


  1. Congrats on managing a year!! I will be happy to manage with updating at least once a week (almost managed a year of that..)

  2. Thanks! (And let's face it--you blog in far more of long form than I do!)