Thursday, February 5, 2015


This morning I got a Facebook message. Usually this makes a chime noise--today it was three chimes in a quick echo.

Stranger still, my computer screen revealed a blank chat box. Reloading the page didn't seem to help.

I grabbed my phone and things there worked fine. I responded, then heard the triple chime again.

A few minutes into the (noisy!) conversation I realized I had three browser windows open, each with Facebook and some other tabs.

Not only does that explain the echo, but the sluggish response. Thankfully, it was a quick enough fix to close some windows and tabs.

And yet so often I have a dozen tabs open, on top of five documents and three spreadsheets and whatnot.  

My computer is as cluttered as that photo of Einstein's desk, and it's not simply a sign of my genius. It's more about things I keep meaning to get around to, of intentions rather than actions. I know any number of strategies to avoid the trap--I just need to use them.

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