Sunday, February 22, 2015

There and Back

 I spent the weekend at a conference in the Hill Country outside Kerrville, Texas. (Which is outside of San Antonio...)

It is quite remote--cell signal was extremely limited, and there's no such thing as a quick trip to the store.

Thankfully the conference organizers had figured out groceries and such, and a couple of days away from the internet don't really need to kill me. Heck--it even gave me a reason to learn how to schedule posts so I could set them up before I left town in the first place.

So I shared meals and hopes and challenges with colleagues, learned from guest speakers and long-known local wise people.

And we had egregiously wonderful weather Saturday, so I took a few nice long walks up actual hills* and looked at actual rocks* and did my best to admire cactus from a distance.

I stood under trees and windmills, tested the cistern/pool with my fingertips, and took silly pictures with the stuffed animal my son sent along on this trip.

And I got some really good sleep.

*Houston is low-lying and near the Gulf coast. We have very few hills or native rocks.

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