Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thank Goodness For The Internet

Someone remarked to me that they could not believe the community she had found online--how supportive and tightly bonded a group of people, sharing a specific life event in common.

Finding someone else who really gets it because they have lived it is invaluable. And with a computer and a bit of clicking about, chances are you can find people who've gone what you're dealing with.

Heck, there are support groups for families dealing with exceedingly rare (less than 100 cases recorded) diseases. Chances are these folks would not run into one another at the pediatrician. Thirty years ago they might have met if they traveled to see the same specialist. But over a computer screen, where they can chat in the in-between moments of life and when they can't get back to sleep at 3 AM? That's living in
 the future.

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