Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Finally Sofritas!

I've been waiting months and months to try Chipotle's sofritas. The local store was slow to get them, and then we just had to find an occasion... 

Tonight a 4:30 appointment took until 7, so oh darn--no time to make dinner. We simply HAD to go to Chipotle.

The tofu is nice and firm--they say it's shredded, but I would just call it scrambled. The spice level is great, but the salt seemed over the top. According to Chipotle's nutrition calculator , it has 555 mg of sodium--more than any of the meats. (It also has more fat than most of the other proteins, excepting the carnitas.)

It goes well with the guacamole, and gives me some ideas for creating a similar dish at home.

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