Saturday, February 7, 2015

Evangelizing vs. Proselytizing

Evangelize: To spread the good word

Proselytize: Covert or attempt to convert someone to your belief or ideas

I am all about the evangelizing. There's a whole lot of good in the world and we should be willing to share it.

Proselytizing gets old really fast, though.

We're planning to replace some windows at home, and getting bids from a few companies.

Silly me, I thought this would be fairly easy--they come and measure the windows, show us some options, and we figure out what we can afford.

As it turns out, they bring samples and brochures and tell us about the benefits of the thingamabobs and the whoseewhatsits.

OK, I'm good with education.  (Though honestly, I'd rather just look at the website and read some reviews, then come to the person with my questions.)

And then the SALES part comes in. I understand that they are selling a product and they work on commission and the bottom line is important. And yes, they would love to make a deal. Today.

Here's where it turns to proselytizing. How they are the sensible option, how their competitors are horribly flawed, how Any Intelligent Person would obviously insist on the whoseehatsits.

High pressure sales do not encourage me to make a decision beyond "I need this person as far away from me and my checkbook as possible."

Pray for me.

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