Monday, June 29, 2015

If My Dog Were In Charge...

If my dog were in charge (and she just might be)...

  • Anything that smelled good to her would be hers. None of this waiting for someone to drop it.
  • Speaking of smells, humans would have more appreciation for the unique cocktail of a dog's fur, and all that it takes to distill that fragrance.
  • The entire world would be a dog park.
  • Rainy days would be snuggle sleeping days. Required by law.
  • Humans would have extra arms just for petting the dog. And use the other arms for petting, too.
  • The vet would get down on the floor, instead of insisting on dogs coming up on the cold metal table.
  • There would be a bed, couch, or fancy dog pillow in every sunbeam.
  • Cheese and peanut butter would be available on their own, not just as pill camouflage.
  • I would never blog sprawled across the bed. It takes up too much of her real estate.