Friday, June 5, 2015

Vice Loss

May was a bit of a rough health month, when swollen tonsils went to strep and then I found that I couldn't swallow very well. It was not so much painful as uncomfortable. And worrisome.

At its worst, I spent a week or so living on smoothies, pureed soups, ice cream, and when I was feeling wild, completely smashed guacamole with goat cheese.

By the time I could get an appointment at an ENT clinic, 
I needed answers badly enough that I was looking forward to someone sticking a scope up my nose and down my throat. 

The findings were not the worst case scenarios I'd been imagining, but now I have daily meds. And vast dietary restrictions.

  • No caffeine (coffee, tea... even chocolate*)
  • No carbonated beverages
  • No citrus, tomato, or other acidic foods
  • No spicy food
  • No fried or greasy food, and watch fat consumption (even avocados*)
  • No mint
  • No alcohol
I like to think that I have not been whining too much. Definitely not as much as I could be, but honestly, too much talking leaves me hoarse.

*I can be strict on most things, but when it comes to chocolate and avocado, I'm going with a steadfast attitude of moderation.

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