Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Projects

The last day of school here was May 28th. 

My teen sons settle into new routines easily, and they're happily considering what they'd like to do this summer.
Beyond playing video games until their eyes bleed...

Rumor has it that firstborn will be making the squid body pillow and using his Raspberry Pi for a project I have yet to comprehend.

Secondborn has been going through his science lab kits, making note of the dangerous chemicals. He'd really like to work on fire starting, but not when there's no adult at home. 

So his project today was a first attempt at a flower press. The wood is plaques they made years ago when we were studying the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Both boys chose Judge Not for their enscription, not as a grand theological statement, but because it was the shortest option available. 

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