Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snark and Vacuum

verb (used without object)
to be critical in a rude or sarcastic way:
to snark about the neighbors.

rude or sarcastic criticism.

The term originated, we're told, around 1910-1915, with roots in the Dutch or Low German for "to snore".

I am fluent in snark--it may be my native tongue. But I also work on being civilized and mature, so I try to limit my audible snark, and keep it from my writing as much as possible.  When I can, I translate the essential points into something more polite.

Sometimes it takes me a while to do the processing necessary for that moderation. In the meantime, I am quiet, or at least rambling on other topics.
But do I ever get back to the matter at hand? Or does my blunt truth get forgotten in the distractions of the day?

There's a trade-off there, to be certain. Manners maintain the status quo, which may truly need to be overturned. Change most often involves some amount of risk, conflict, and someone will most likely be discomfited, if not royally ticked.

Speaking the truth in love is a delicate act. Our choices are to err on the side of obscuring truth or imperfect love. Apologies may be necessary.

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