Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Importance of Hydration

Four-hour flight followed by getting lost walking around Boston on a hot summer day... it was 2 PM when I got to lunch and I was so very thirsty. The 8 oz. water glass seemed ridiculously small.

There's a cliche that everything's bigger in Texas, but I will say that I'm accustomed to getting a big ol' glass of water when I ask for water. My favorite places have a 24-32 oz. tumbler. And if I'm hot, I may drink two of them.

Thirst means that we're already dehydrated--gotta replenish quickly. This is true not only with water for the body, but the thirsts of our souls. Are you keeping up with frequent sips? Gleefully gulping? 

And how can we best offer up the good stuff to all those we meet?

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