Friday, July 18, 2014

Custard/Ice Cream Count

Growing up in Wisconsin, I have a certain love of most things dairy.

This vacation we've been taking pictures of each frozen custard or ice cream encounter.  I'll include a few here.

#1: July 9 
Toucan's Custard
West Bend, WI

#2: July 13
Jumbo's Custard
West Bend, WI


#3: July 16
Milwaukee Zoo Dairy Barn, 
Milwaukee, WI
(ice cream)

#4: July 17
Chocolate Factory
West Bend, WI
(ice cream)

#5: July 18 

Toucan's Custard
West Bend, WI

Not photographed have been the fried cheese curds (#1: July 7, Medford, WI and #2: July 18, West Bend, WI) and the innumerable other dairy experiences.

I assure you, I have eaten some vegetables and fruits as well.
There have been salads and lean proteins.
But who wants to see pictures of all that?

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