Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Traveling Into the Future

Early Friday morning we'll heading out on a road trip, journeying back to my homeland in the midwest. I've made a similar journey nearly every summer for the past fifteen years.

Back in the day I had a whole AAA bag of tools- the Triptik, a foldable US Map with a highlighted route, and books for each state on the journey so we could find a reasonable hotel*.

Now it's a smartphone with Google Maps and traffic notifications and various review sites for lodging and restaurants. I might take a Triptik along, to hand to my sons when they ask how much longer.

And in just a couple more years, it's possible that they will do the driving, while I update my blog.

*And this was a vast improvement over the journeys of my childhood, when we didn't have a Triptik and never got to stay in hotels...

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