Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When the company's more important than the event

Tonight I had dinner at a restaurant I'd never choose for myself.
Then I went to see a movie I'd never race to see in the theaters.

But my sisters wanted a night out, and I enjoy spending time with them when I can. 

Dinner was Mexican-ish--chimichangas and fried ice cream on the menu. Margarita variations included strawberry, raspberry, and Packers. (No, I was not brave enough to try.)

The movie was 22 Jump Street. We had an awful lot of time guffawing at the hijinks, fully realizing that the film will not be up for (m)any Oscars.

We got to hang out together, and that means a lot. Soon enough I'll be 1200 miles away, with my beloved Tex-Mex but far from these two awesome women* who've known me a long long time.

*Yes, I should totally include a picture, but we didn't think to snap one tonight.

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