Monday, July 14, 2014

Snuggling a Snuffly Babe

Perhaps he's teething. Or it's a summer cold. But my nephew was snuffly and whimpery today, needing to stay in someone's arms and require their full attention.

He is an itty-bitty baby, so his demands are quite reasonable. He is not yet old enough to "self-comfort"--if indeed we ever get old enough to take all responsibility for our own comfort.

A baby cries out when he needs something. As a child grows older, we teach them to 'use their words', and maybe add a 'please' to their requests. And then we encourage them to do for themselves what they can.

As a culture, we value independence. Self-sufficiency. To a certain degree it's helpful.

But it is good to need other people, whether it's for a bit of warmth and a back rub, someone to get us something to drink or run a necessary errand. Someone to sit near us and listen, to offer encouragement when we are down and celebrate with us when all is well. 

Many of us need continuing education--how can I ask for what I need? How can we balance autonomy and interdependence? How can we be known as strong and mature people, while still sharing our vulnerabilities?

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