Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yes, I Watched Sharknado 2 Tonight.

I'm not at all ashamed. Heck, I made a special dinner of fish and potato tornadoes.

I knew Sharknado 2 would be stupid and not especially cultured or filled with excellent acting. 

And I enjoyed it, with its completely unrealistic portrayals of almost everything.

The cameos alone were worth far more than the price of admission*, and the bad meteorology was bliss. Seriously, it caught the attention of Dr. Jeff Masters of WeatherUnderground. During hurricane season!

And with social media, I could have conversations about the goofiest part of the movie even when my own family rolled their eyes and left the room.

Sometimes we just need to do something frivolous and completely unproductive. It's like window shopping without the aerobic exercise. 

*Ok, so SyFy is cable, but it's basic cable. And a two-hour movie is nothing compared to the How It's Made marathons this family watches.

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